Hip surgery flip! Direct Anterior Hip Replacement

Hip surgery flip! Direct Anterior Hip Replacement

The numbers are sky-rocketing. There were more than 300 thousand total hip replacements in 2010, that’s up 135 thousand compared to just ten years earlier. As more and more people need help to relieve the pain, there’s an option that’s becoming popular with patients and surgeons.

“It’s a less invasive approach,” Stefan Kreuzer, MD, associate professor at Memorial Hermann Hospital, told Ivanhoe.

He went through the front of her leg to get to her hip, instead of the more traditional technique of going through the back.

The doctor says the normal post-operative restrictions on hip movements do not apply to patients who undergo direct anterior hip replacement. He tells us it great for most people in need of a hip replacement, including highly active patients. The doctor is currently training surgeons from around the world on the technique.

Source: ivanhoe.com

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