Study shows value of knee replacement surgery, other options

Category: Healthcare News

People with knees worn out by arthritis will get more pain relief from joint replacement surgery, but it has more […]

Recommendations for patient activity after knee replacement vary among surgeons

Category: Healthcare News

During recovery after knee replacement surgery, exercise is critical. After initial recovery, patients will want to resume more strenuous activities. […]

Dislocating a hip after total hip replacement can be a traumatic experience

Category: Healthcare News

Osteoarthritis of the hip is a degenerative joint disease that, besides being painful, also has a negative impact on mobility. […]

Thigh Pain After Total Hip Replacement: A Pathophysiological Review and a Comprehensive Classification

Category: Healthcare News

Total hip replacement (THR) is a successful procedure that provides excellent pain relief and considerable improvement of function. The postoperative […]

Early knee arthritis symptoms first felt when using stairs

Category: Healthcare News

People who suffer from knee pain when using the stairs may be experiencing the early symptoms of osteoarthritis, according to […]

No significant differences found between simple, vertical mattress shoulder repair

Category: Healthcare News

Although no significant differences were found in contact pressure between suture labral repair and vertical mattress labral repair of the […]

Device developed for running shoes that prevents injuries

Category: Healthcare News

A prototype running shoe has been designed with an integrated device that improves training management and prevents injuries. The device […]

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